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Get Involved

This is a grass roots effort, you are the leader!

If you don’t have a clear strategy, you may use the one below.  Keep it simple, biblical and creative, but keep the basic elements of: Repentance, Rebuking Evil, Thankfulness, Prayer, Prophetic Act/Symbolism, and Declaration in Jesus Name over the city for no other name has power!

The Goal: Have as many cities, towns and villages prayed for; until the whole county has people in every area "Believing!"  Then start planning for a county wide event when most of the area is covered in prayer declarations.

Remember to snap a picture of prayer location for the listings. Please, no people in pictures, for it's NOT about us; but about Jesus, who is worthy of all praise!

Email [city/town/village] to when you have completed your mission.

Post a sign in your yard at home, church, business, etc. that you Believe!​  Make your own sign or group some folks together to purchase online, please keep the three elements only, to promote the movement and message:  

St. Croix County  -  Believe!  -


You can get a sign by going to 'contact' and requesting one or make your own.

​The Strategy Framework

  1. Find people who know Jesus as Lord over their own life and home, then pray together for a strategy or use the one below.  These people need to live in the boundaries of the town/city/village/township/unincorporated that they are believing for a move of God.

  2. Find a public place, pick an easy time to gather within your area's borders and gather any believers wanting to believe for a move of God in their area.  (Suggest late day Sundays)

  3. This is critical:  Ask IF any, local pastors, elected representatives, town board, school board, police, deputy and business leaders would like to join OR if they just say, “Sounds good, but won’t be available” that’s fine too.  As a believer and taxpayer in your area, you have the spiritual authority to do this, whether they participate or not; but we need to give them an opportunity to partner with blessing the city/town/village.

  4. Spread the word continuously; the website was created to do this very thing. Encourage others wanting to support and believe with you, to put out a yard sign or something else creative. Those who confess Jesus as Lord in public, He will confess you belong to Him before the Our Father in Heaven.

  5. Prophetic Act at location of Prayer:  Each person should Pray Ephesians 6:10 -20  before going to the prayer destination.  Designate someone to bring and bless a cup of water, olive oil and salt in the Name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

At Prayer Location (example)

  • Start with reading Psalm 91

  • As the Holy Spirit reveals – ask forgiveness for any sins on the land, then pour out water on the ground in the shape of the Cross, to declare repentance of SIN.

  • Command all unclean spirits to be thrown at the feet of Christ to deal with, and say “May the Lord Rebuke you!” in Jesus name. Invite His Holy Spirit to move among us.

  • Thank God for all the blessings we do have; as we have much to be thankful for!

  • Pray for our land, air, water quality, churches, schools, government, police and sheriff.  Pour out olive oil over the water shape cross to anoint and bless the land.

  • Close with Psalm 46, and  pour the cup of salt as an act of our prayers binding to the land. (Number18:11, Lev 2:13)

Give a shout of victory, JESUS IS LORD

over [city/town/village name]!

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